About Me



Hi! My name is Celia Tewey. I am an aspiring young filmmaker, musician, visual artist, and creative innovator looking to show others the world through my eyes.

When my family bought our very first professional camera over 5 years ago, I immediately started becoming interested in using it whenever I had the chance. Ever since then, taking pictures and making films have turned into my passions. In the past couple of years, my films have won a number of awards at both local and international competitions and festivals. I enjoy traveling and documenting my travels along the way. Over the past two years, I have done a lot of traveling, visiting Australia and Europe with family and friends. I have come to find that I enjoy nothing more than sharing my stories with others through various forms of media.

I began by creating many animated stop-motion short films in middle school. I began with simple animation of inanimate objects like clay and food. Throughout the past few years, I have slowly progressed into making live-action short films as well, and I have made several films in the past year, some of which have won awards at state competitions like CCOFFY, Colorado State Thescon, and the Boulder International Film Festival. I have practiced pushing my limits in screenwriting and directing, and I am always looking for new challenges in my visual world.

In addition to film and photography, I enjoy playing both classical and jazz piano and have played for almost 12 years of my life. I perform in many of my school’s musicals and shows and I play piano and keyboard in Fairview High School’s top competitive Jazz Band, often performing at local venues in Denver and Boulder. I have also recently taken up guitar over the past year and I have come to love it as well.

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